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Payment Valid Period

If without specific disclaimers, your one-off payment will be valid since you activated your app for one watch. If you determine to buy a new watch, the activation cannot be transferred to it i.e. you need to make another payment if you want to go on using it.

Payment Method


If you are from the rest of the world except China mainland. This approach is designed for you. After a payment through the link provided in the description of an app, you will receive an email(Bound with your PayPal account) sent by our robot. Please activate your app following the guide in it. If you don't get any email,please try these 4 methods below.

  1. Confirm your email account bound with PayPal.
  2. Check whether your mailbox is available currently or not. Maybe it is run out with lots of ads and marketing mails.
  3. Check your spam or junk folder. AI is not so clever sometimes.
  4. Sorry, maybe our service or the interaction with PayPal are not stable when you were making the payment. Please contact us~

Enjoy your sports and nice day~